Euclid CEO Brent Franson on LiveRamp Partnership

By Meredith Robinson | eucliddata | 13 September, 2018

“If you’re trying to understand the effectiveness of your marketing, you have to look at everything that’s happening offline, every interaction online, and then measure if a transaction took place as a result, regardless of channel.” Hear our CEO Brent Franson talk about how we use LiveRamp to build an identity foundation and bridge the […]

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Brands, Your Ads Are Almost Certainly Terrible (Here’s Why)

By Brent Franson | industry | 23 August, 2018

When I was a kid, there were commercials for days: Cabbage Patch Kids, Transformers, L’eggo my Eggo, public service announcements (“This is your brain on drugs.”). Constant interruptions to TV shows, sports and movies was the annoying norm (unless you were friends with that one lucky kid who had HBO). Today, the list of ways […]

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You’re Not Taking This Long-Shot Amazon Competitor Seriously Enough

By Brent Franson | industry | 17 August, 2018

On Tuesday, Kroger announced it will sell its goods on Alibaba’s website, opening an online storefront on the giant’s Tmall Global marketplace. Earlier this month, Kroger introduced a new at-home, speedy delivery service – Kroger Ship – that gets home goods to customers in two days. A distribution play with an international e-commerce powerhouse? Delivering more convenience to shoppers […]

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Our Privacy Commitment

By Brent Franson | eucliddata | 15 August, 2018

Euclid’s technology enhances customers’ retail, restaurant, and event experiences – and, at its foundation, relies on a robust framework of consumer consent and choice. We believe that consumers must always have the ability to choose what’s right for them concerning the use of their data. Consequently, our responsibility is to ensure they can exercise or […]

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Walmart Streaming? 4 Reasons to Be Skeptical

By Brent Franson | industry | 26 July, 2018

This week, we learned that Walmart is exploring a streaming service to rival Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and Hulu. Perhaps it’s unsurprising given that shopping now competes with a host of high-quality ways to spend time; Walmart would naturally want a piece of an activity American households do for nearly eight hours a day on average (seriously, that’s how […]

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