Who Wins? Assessing The Blood Sport That Is This Retail Holiday Season

By Brent Franson | industry | 20 November, 2018

For normal people, the holiday season is about cherished traditions, time with family, and a break from work. For retailers, the holiday season is blood sport. It’s what retailers train for throughout the entire year; we’re all in it to win it. And industry experts are already skewing positive about this year’s possibilities – a JP […]

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Yes, the World Series is Fun – But Can America’s Pastime Thrive in the Amazon Age?

By Brent Franson | industry | 24 October, 2018

The Red Sox defeated the Dodgers yesterday, officially kicking off the World Series in style. But the excitement of baseball’s biggest event might mask a more salient question: is baseball still truly America’s favorite pastime? If you set aside the Americana – the crack of the bat, the roar of the crowds, and a cold beer – […]

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Higher-end Meets Highest-End: Are Michael Kors and Versace A Perfect Couple?

By Brent Franson | bestpractices | 03 October, 2018

$2.1 billion. That’s what it took for Michael Kors to snap up famed Italian fashion house Versace and create a new American luxury conglomerate – Capri Holdings – that also encompasses Kors’s previous acquisition, Jimmy Choo. Some might dismiss this as an “odd couple” pairing – the hyper-accessibility of Michael Kors and the esoteric appeal of Versace – […]

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Quality Over Quantity: Shop.org & Lessons From Serena Williams

By Lindsay Houle | bestpractices | 27 September, 2018

Bright lights, great food, and the promising sounds of poker chips hitting the table are the typical allures of the Las Vegas Strip. Last week, however, NRF stole the show at the Sands Expo Convention Center with their annual Shop.org event for emerging retail technologies and ecommerce trends. Snap execs took the stage by storm […]

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Euclid CEO Brent Franson on LiveRamp Partnership

By Meredith Robinson | eucliddata | 13 September, 2018

“If you’re trying to understand the effectiveness of your marketing, you have to look at everything that’s happening offline, every interaction online, and then measure if a transaction took place as a result, regardless of channel.” Hear our CEO Brent Franson talk about how we use LiveRamp to build an identity foundation and bridge the […]

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