EUCLID: Equality. Unity. Compassion. Love. Inclusion. Diversity.

By Ryan Stafford | euclid-culture | 02 July, 2018

While reflecting back on the month of June and how companies across the U.S. participate in PRIDE, Euclidean Ryan Stafford shares his thoughts on how Euclid supports their LGBTQ+ employees all year round: I started working at Euclid in January of this year. During the application and interview process, I reviewed Euclid’s website and found […]

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4 Reasons Why Retailers Should Dive The Plane

By Brent Franson | bestpractices | 26 June, 2018

When you’re piloting a commercial jet, losing altitude and in danger of an imminent crash, the instinct is to quickly pull up on the controls as hard as you can. It’s only logical, right? You’re going down, so you pull up. (There’s also a mechanical voice blaring, “STALL! STALL! STALL!” that helpfully adds to the […]

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Retail As A Service: How To Reach Millennial Shoppers

By Christiana Rattazzi, Marketing | bestpractices | 26 June, 2018

As today’s tech-savvy millennial shoppers increasingly expect personalization and innovation from their favorite brands, it is ever-more important for retailers to deliver a consistent and sophisticated shopping experience across all channels. Achieving this requires investing in technology that can adapt to changing business needs as well as marketing strategies that allow for personalized 1:1 connection. […]

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Retailers, The 6 Most Meaningful Insights from the Meeker Report

By Brent Franson | industry | 01 June, 2018

Mary Meeker issued her iconic annual Internet Trends report and, as per usual, it was overflowing with useful insights. This is a quick primer for retailers on the most immediately relevant insights from this 294-slide deck. Discovery is digital. Retailers are so focused on Amazon that – as I’ve said before – the Facebook threat is somewhat under […]

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Data Anomalies: Why They’re Important & What They Tell Us

By Jan Flatley-Feldman | eucliddata | 01 June, 2018

If you’re a marketer looking to serve your customers ads, it’s imperative to know which of your store visitors actually are customers, rather than, say, employees. That way you can ensure the best use of your marketing spend on ads and have confidence your ads are served to the right people at the right time. […]

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