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The top 3 ways retailers and QSRs will use their WiFi to boost customer loyalty

The mobile consumer has turned every business on its head. Armed with data, competitive deals and Amazon’s website, this digitally connected consumer is changing the playing field for both retailers and quick service restaurants (QSR). As such, driving loyalty among this fickle – but highly lucrative – customer segment has proven challenging. Traditional brick-and-mortar retailers […]

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Infographic: Black Friday Will Never Be The Same

By Euclid | US Retail Benchmarks | 04 December, 2015

Based on Euclid’s USRB data, Black Friday represented a turning point for both brick-and-mortar and online retailers. While in-store traffic continued to erode over November, retailers made strides to engage shoppers in their physical stores. Through in-store experiences, retail brands are leveraging their physical locations as part of an on overarching omni-channel strategy.    

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