Use Wi-Fi for a complete view of your customer's journey.

Omnichannel Attribution

Attribute store visits to digital campaigns and online purchases.

In-Store Acquisition

Grow and enhance your customer database with visit behavior.

Behavioral Targeting

Deliver automated contextual marketing based on your customer’s visit behavior.


Measure offline attribution.

Euclid's identity network delivers an accurate view of visits driven by digital campaigns. Understand how visits drive online conversions for a complete view of the purchase journey. Learn more.

Measure Offline Attribution


Extend your advertising reach.

Collect email addresses with rich visit data and leverage Euclid’s identity network of actionable data on day one without visitor sign‑in. Learn more.


Retarget visitors to influence a purchase.

Drive the lifetime value of each customer with automatically triggered retargeting and re-engagement campaigns to deliver your message the moment it counts. Learn more.

Explore Euclid’s Vision of the Future of Retail

It’s more important than ever before to understand the role your stores play in the buying journey. Learn how Euclid illuminates in-store identity and behavior through the world Euclid Vision.

Enter The World of Euclid Vision Do you know who is in your store?