Euclid for Shopping Malls

Euclid allows malls to collect rich shopper profiles that power targeted marketing and more authentic relationships between visitors and the properties they frequent.

Connect digital marketing with mall visits

Directly attribute marketing campaigns to mall visits and continue investing in the most effective channels that drive quality traffic for your locations.

Retarget shoppers to drive additional visits

Understanding visit behavior allows you to segment lapsed shoppers and engage them across channels to return to your locations. By recognizing your visitors, marketers can personalize engagement across channels to improve relevance and increase visit frequency.

Build high-value audiences with Euclid profiles

Euclid provides a new, high-intent audience segment that can inform digital advertising and marketing campaigns. With Euclid profiles, marketers can effectively expand their reach with lookalike audiences, retain loyal visitors, and increase their return on ad spend.

"Euclid gave us a very clear picture of hourly shopping traffic, which really helped guide our staffing decisions."