Euclid for Retail

Euclid makes it fast and easy to collect shopper identity and behavior across your entire retail chain. By collecting dynamic in-store profiles, retailers create behavior-influenced messaging for more relevant targeting and conversion.

Use your stores as an acquisition channel

Expand your known customer list with first-party in-store profiles, and enhance your CRM or DMP with behavioral attributes from store visits. By enriching customer data with in-store shopper profiles, targeting across all channels becomes more refined, relevant, and impactful.

Build high-value audiences with in-store profiles

Euclid provides a new, high-intent audience segment through in-store profiles. When in-store behavior informs social media advertising and marketing campaigns, retail marketers can effectively expand their reach with lookalike audiences, retain customers with a higher lifetime value, and increase their return on ad spend.

Measure campaign effectiveness at the individual level

Whether you advertise across digital channels or focus on email campaigns, Euclid provides direct attribution of those efforts to an in-store visit, allowing you to invest more effectively.

Euclid's solution helps us understand our customers on a new and more meaningful level by illuminating an untapped, high-intent audience for us.

Steve Miller -VP, Marketing and Business Development
Joann Fabric and Craft Stores