Euclid for QSR and Convenience

Collect first party visitor profiles across your entire restaurant or convenience store chain. Understand how your digital marketing efforts impact the visit behavior and loyalty of your patrons.

Create digital experiences in your locations

Leverage existing Wi-Fi to create a compelling mobile experiences in-store that delight your patrons while providing a touchpoint to influence repeat purchases and visit frequency. Whether you’re looking to connect your patron with a coupon for a new menu item or encourage a loyalty program sign-up, Euclid allows you to deliver compelling mobile experiences.

Retarget visitors to drive additional purchases

Understanding visit behavior allows you to segment lapsed diners and engage them across channels to return to your brand. By identifying and recognizing your patrons during every visit, restaurant marketers can personalize engagement and offers on any channel to improve relevance and increase customer lifetime value.

Turn your locations into acquisition channels

Expand your known customer list with first-party visitor profiles, and enhance your database with both demographic data and behavioral attributes such as visit frequency and duration.