Illuminate the entire buying journey

Euclid provides direct attribution of digital efforts to an in-store visit, allowing you to invest in the most impactful channels

Omnichannel Attribution

With Euclid, finally illuminate visitor identity and behavior in your brick-and-mortar locations to complete a single view of your customers’ buying journey. By measuring the store’s influence on cross-channel purchases, Euclid customers increase the effectiveness of their marketing spend.

Measure campaign effectiveness at the individual level

Whether you advertise across digital channels or focus on email campaigns, Euclid provides direct attribution of those efforts to an in-store visit, allowing you to invest more effectively.

Attribute digital efforts to in-store visits

With additional visibility into shoppers that do–and don’t–regularly visit the store, marketers can strategically suppress dormant audiences from their ad campaigns to improve spending effectiveness and ROI.

Complete a single view of the customer

By integrating in-store visit activity with the rest of your customer data, you gain the final piece to complete your omnichannel customer profile. With a single view of your customer across channels, retail and restaurant marketers are empowered to engage consistently across all channels.

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Measure the impact of digital campaigns on in-store

Learn more about how Euclid can help you illuminate in-store identity and behavior, regardless of purchase.

We can now directly attribute in-store visits to specific email and advertising campaigns — pinpointing which marketing efforts are the most effective.

Steve Miller -VP, Marketing and Business Development
Joann Fabric and Craft Stores