Illuminate the entire buying journey

Euclid provides direct attribution of digital efforts to an in-store visit, allowing you to invest in the most impactful channels

Omnichannel Attribution

With Euclid, finally illuminate visitor identity and behavior in your brick-and-mortar locations to complete a single view of your customers’ buying journey. By measuring the store’s influence on cross-channel purchases, Euclid customers increase the effectiveness of their marketing spend.

Euclid Easily Adds Visits into Existing Attribution Models

ImpressionsCampaignAd GroupWebsiteSearchNumber of visitsPages visitedDurationClicksConversion12%47%SocialImpressionsCampaignCreativeClicksConversion9%DisplayImpressionsCampaignAd GroupClicksConversion7%EngagementContentReachWeightedAttributionChannelStore25%Number of visitsStores visitedDuration

Visualization of how Euclid data inserts into your existing attribution methodology and platforms.

Measure the Store Influence on a Purchase

Delivered digital marketing campaign

Visits Market Street store

Researches product on website

Customer visits Union Street store

Customer makes purchase

Measure the impact of digital campaigns on in-store

Learn more about how Euclid can help you illuminate in-store identity and behavior, regardless of purchase.

We can now directly attribute in-store visits to specific email and advertising campaigns — pinpointing which marketing efforts are the most effective.

Steve Miller -VP, Marketing and Business Development
Joann Fabric and Craft Stores