Expand your reach

Collect rich shopper profiles in-store and increase your known customer database

In-Store Acquisition

Euclid allows you to easily collect in-store identity and behavior to enhance your customer database and create relevant cross-channel campaigns to expand your reach. On average, Euclid customers capture the identity and behavior of 15% of their in-store visitors within the first 12 months.

Expand your known customer list with in-store acquisition

Leverage your brick-and-mortar locations to acquire customers and enhance your customer database with email addresses collected through guest Wi-Fi. By enriching customer data with in-store identity and behavior, personalization becomes more refined, relevant, and impactful across all channels.

Recognize your best customers across channels

Euclid enriches your CRM, DMP or email marketing platform customer profiles with behavioral attributes that illuminate in-store behavior, regardless of purchase. Understanding in-store behavior and its interplay with digital activities and purchases allows you to effectively segment lapsed customers across channels and retarget them with a relevant offer that drives them to purchase.

Create digital in-store experiences regardless of purchase

Engage your customers and collect email addresses outside of the point of sale. Take advantage of existing Wi-Fi to create compelling mobile experiences in-store while providing a new touchpoint to influence the path to purchase. Whether you are looking to connect your visitors with in-store services, provide a coupon, encourage a loyalty program sign-up or app download, Euclid empowers compelling mobile in-store experiences.

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Euclid's solution helps us understand our customers on a new and more meaningful level by illuminating an untapped, high-intent audience for us.

Steve Miller -VP, Marketing & Business Development
Joann Fabric and Craft Stores