Refine messaging for increased relevance

Segment audiences and personalize campaigns based on in-store behavior to build more authentic relationships.

Behavioral Targeting

Euclid empowers retail and restaurant marketers to identify and understand in-store visitors in order to create more relevant campaigns with improved spend and effectiveness. In fact, Euclid customers see a 2-6x lift in store visits from Euclid-based lookalike audiences compared to other third-party sources.

Targeting with Euclid Audiences

Visit Retargeting

Store visitors who leave without making a purchase.

Visiting Soon

Shoppers who are likely to visit your store in the next 30 days.


Customers who walk-by or are close to your store but don't enter.

Lapsed Shoppers

Shoppers who used to visit regularly but are drifting away.

Retarget Store Visitors to Influence a Purchase

Customer visits your store

Leaves without purchasing

Instantly added to retargeting campaign

Customer visits store or website

Customer makes purchase

Segment customers based on in-store behaviors for more targeted marketing

Learn more about how Euclid can help you illuminate in-store identity and behavior, regardless of purchase.

We are seeing six times lift in visits from social media spend using Euclid data. We’re excited to see what else is on the horizon for us as we continue to strengthen our relationship with Joann customers.

Steve Miller -VP, Marketing and Business Development
Joann Craft and Fabric Stores