Euclid Connect

Euclid Connect

Euclid Connect is a Wi-Fi-based platform that empowers brands to market more effectively and personalize in-store experiences. Through the use of smartphones, existing Wi-Fi and a single visitor login, Euclid Connect enables businesses to build a relationship with their patrons and influence the path to purchase.

  • Collect visitor emails to expand your customer database and enrich it with demographics
  • Segment visitors based on behavior to refine targeting and offers
  • Understand the entire customer buying journey across channels
  • Directly attribute digital marketing campaigns with in-store visits
  • Re-market to your visitors to encourage additional purchases
Measure in-store attribution.

Measure in-store attribution.

Whether you advertise across digital channels or focus on email campaigns, Euclid provides direct attribution of those efforts to an in-store visit, allowing you to invest more effectively.

Expand your known visitor base.

Expand your known visitor base.

Finally know more about your in-store shoppers and diners to engage with them more effectively and build lookalike audiences to extend your reach.

  • Rich Customer

    Collect visitor emails and link to in-store behaviors to build rich customer profiles

  • In-Store Shopper Segments

    Market more effectively by personalizing offers based on behavior and demographic segments

  • Retargeting Across Channels

    Understand the full customer journey and re-market visitors to drive additional purchases

  • Online-to-Offline Attribution

    Understand the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns in driving in-store visits

  • Email Marketing

    Create targeted segments based on in-store behavior

    Trigger automated campaigns from store engagement

    Personalize campaign content for better relevance

  • Advertising Platforms

    Drive repeat visits and increase life-time value

    Discover lookalike audiences to acquire new high-value customers

    Optimize campaign audience for greater relevance and reduced cost

  • Marketing Clouds

    Complete missing piece of customer buying journey

    Segment based on in-store behavior to increase effectiveness

    Acquire high-value customer emails through in-store channel


In-store profiles for targeted marketing

Know who's in your store and improve targeting, tackle personalization and attribute online marketing to offline behavior.