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You’re Not Taking This Long-Shot Amazon Competitor Seriously Enough

By Brent Franson | Industry Insights | 17 August, 2018

On Tuesday, Kroger announced it will sell its goods on Alibaba’s website, opening an online storefront on the giant’s Tmall Global marketplace. Earlier this month, Kroger introduced a new at-home, speedy delivery service – Kroger Ship – that gets home goods to customers in two days. A distribution play with an international e-commerce powerhouse? Delivering more convenience to shoppers […]

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Walmart Streaming? 4 Reasons to Be Skeptical

By Brent Franson | Industry Insights | 26 July, 2018

This week, we learned that Walmart is exploring a streaming service to rival Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and Hulu. Perhaps it’s unsurprising given that shopping now competes with a host of high-quality ways to spend time; Walmart would naturally want a piece of an activity American households do for nearly eight hours a day on average (seriously, that’s how […]

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Infographic: Black Friday Will Never Be The Same

By Euclid | US Retail Benchmarks | 04 December, 2015

Based on Euclid’s USRB data, Black Friday represented a turning point for both brick-and-mortar and online retailers. While in-store traffic continued to erode over November, retailers made strides to engage shoppers in their physical stores. Through in-store experiences, retail brands are leveraging their physical locations as part of an on overarching omni-channel strategy.    

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