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Behind The Scenes: 3 Ways to Leverage Tech In Retail Marketing

By Grant Barnekow | Industry Insights | 11 January, 2018

Over the past two years, we’ve seen the retail industry undergo tremendous upheaval. Traditional retailers closed doors, introduced layoffs, and filed for bankruptcy. Ironically, these were the companies who walked away with the lionshare of consumer spending while the ever-expanding ecommerce and digitally native retailers took home a small slice of the pie.  As retailers […]

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Why Our Cross Visit Feature is the Holiday Gift for Any Industry

By Christiana Rattazzi, Marketing | Product | 17 December, 2015

The importance of loyalty is undeniable, as repeat customers reportedly spend 10 times more than new ones. Brands across all verticals are trying to gather data around repeat visitor behavior, especially as it pertains to an entire chain. Understanding visitor patterns across locations provides not only loyalty insight, but also marketing and operational context to make […]

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Meet the new brand of Euclid Analytics

By Brent Franson | Uncategorized | 01 October, 2015

We’re excited to share with you our new brand, which we’ve been developing for the last few months.  Here is the story behind the new brand and what this new visual identity means to our customers, partners and employees. What’s in a brand? Rebranding initiatives are always complex undertakings. Packed into one tiny graphic or […]

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The story behind Euclid

By eucliduser | News and Events | 17 June, 2013

Euclid’s products are built on modern Wi-Fi technology, but the genesis of the company really goes back to 1959, when my grandfather, John Smith, one of the country’s earliest shopping center developers, opened the Lenox Square mall in Atlanta. As a developer, his primary goal was to improve the shopping experience: Happy shoppers buy more. Dissatisfied […]

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