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Our Privacy Commitment

By Brent Franson | #EuclidData | 15 August, 2018

Euclid’s technology enhances customers’ retail, restaurant, and event experiences – and, at its foundation, relies on a robust framework of consumer consent and choice. We believe that consumers must always have the ability to choose what’s right for them concerning the use of their data. Consequently, our responsibility is to ensure they can exercise or […]

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Euclid CEO Brent Franson on LiveRamp Partnership

By Meredith Robinson | #EuclidData | 13 September, 2018

“If you’re trying to understand the effectiveness of your marketing, you have to look at everything that’s happening offline, every interaction online, and then measure if a transaction took place as a result, regardless of channel.” Hear our CEO Brent Franson talk about how we use LiveRamp to build an identity foundation and bridge the […]

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Spark at Euclid

By Dave Strauss, Analytics | #EuclidData | 26 August, 2014

At Euclid, we are making the physical world just as machine readable, trackable, and actionable as cookies and click-throughs have made the online retail world. To do this, we process logs from sensors around the globe to understand the behaviors of people and their interactions with physical retail locations. This challenging task requires us to […]

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