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Can Retailers Adapt to Millennial Shopper Expectations?

By Euclid | Best Practices | 11 April, 2018

In our recent survey of U.S. consumers, we found shoppers were increasingly open to a variety of shopping channels, appreciating the unique attributes of in-store and online models. Millennials are the most channel-agnostic, have the highest expectations, and shop in distinctly different ways from previous generations. This rising generation of shoppers expects  Amazon-like convenience throughout […]

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Beyond The Webinar: 3 Key Takeaways from Euclid & Shopify on Omnichannel Brand Experiences

By Meredith Robinson | Best Practices | 20 March, 2018

Valuable consumers are increasingly interacting with brands across multiple channels: browsing online before purchasing in-store or interacting with products at brick-and-mortar locations before purchasing online. These high intent omni-channel shoppers spend 3.5x more on average than single channel shoppers. In our joint webinar with Shopify, we explore key ways that you can consistently deliver an […]

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Top 3 Things I Learned from Fast Casual Franchisees

By Andrew Matthews | Customer Success | 06 June, 2016

  (1) Retail analytics are REALLY helpful for data-driven restaurant chains Sure, it’s self-serving, but hear me out. A few weeks ago, I represented Euclid Analytics as a featured vendor for a prominent, forward-thinking fast casual chain during their Bi-annual Franchisee Convention. Our solution is one of three ingredients in the chain’s Guest Experience program […]

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Fast Fashion Chain Wants its Data Fast

By Christiana Rattazzi, Marketing | Customers | 02 February, 2016

Brick-and-mortar retailing is challenging enough. “Fast fashion” adds another layer of complexity, because frequent merchandise changes generate more variables to track. In this dynamic environment, information about in-store traffic and other customer engagement trends is vital to success. That’s why A’GACI, one of the fastest growing brands in the fast fashion world, is using Euclid […]

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