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Retailers, The 6 Most Meaningful Insights from the Meeker Report

By Brent Franson | industry | 01 June, 2018

Mary Meeker issued her iconic annual Internet Trends report and, as per usual, it was overflowing with useful insights. This is a quick primer for retailers on the most immediately relevant insights from this 294-slide deck. Discovery is digital. Retailers are so focused on Amazon that – as I’ve said before – the Facebook threat is somewhat under […]

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Amazon Built a Time Machine and Nobody Noticed

By Brent Franson | industry | 02 May, 2018

Amazon’s most popular product has never once appeared on its list of bestsellers. But if you’ve ever bought anything from Amazon, then you’ve most certainly bought it. It’s time. Amazon is a time machine, selling you back the most precious, finite commodity in existence. Think about it. I buy paper towels from Amazon versus the Safeway in […]

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