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Behind The Scenes: 3 Ways to Leverage Tech In Retail Marketing

By Grant Barnekow | industry | 11 January, 2018

Over the past two years, we’ve seen the retail industry undergo tremendous upheaval. Traditional retailers closed doors, introduced layoffs, and filed for bankruptcy. Ironically, these were the companies who walked away with the lionshare of consumer spending while the ever-expanding ecommerce and digitally native retailers took home a small slice of the pie.  As retailers […]

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How to Use Pop-up Locations to Know More About Your Customers

By Elliott Adams | industry | 01 January, 2018

As the lines between online and offline become increasingly blurred, one thing is becoming clear: retailers must create holistic experiences wherever their customers are. We’ve been seeing digitally native brands break into the brick and mortar space, and disrupting what we’ve come to think about as a typical store. Specifically, the pop-up store has been […]

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