Randy Brasche, VP of Marketing

The top 3 ways retailers and QSRs will use their WiFi to boost customer loyalty

The mobile consumer has turned every business on its head. Armed with data, competitive deals and Amazon’s website, this digitally connected consumer is changing the playing field for both retailers and quick service restaurants (QSR). As such, driving loyalty among this fickle – but highly lucrative – customer segment has proven challenging. Traditional brick-and-mortar retailers […]

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Three steps to building brick-and-mortar customer loyalty

Every brick-and-mortar business is in a state of transition. While brick-and-mortar businesses will continue to drive 94% of all purchase transactions, digital- and mobile-savvy customers are visiting physical stores less and less.  Over the past few years, in-store traffic has declined.  At the same time, digital technologies are influencing $2.2 trillion in in-store sales. As a […]

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