Michael Minar, Data Scientist

Economic Transparency through Distributed Cartography

Joseph Reisinger, Co-Founder and CTO of Premise, has a good blog post on distributed data collection that has been making the rounds this month. In it, he makes four observations about the impacts of democratized data collection (or as Joe calls it “collaborative cartography”): Connected mobile devices allow for a bottom-up mapping of the economic, political, and […]

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Why Measuring Engagement is Vital to Driving Offline Sales

By Michael Minar, Data Scientist | #EuclidData | 25 February, 2014

TRANSFORMING BRICK-AND-MORTAR EXPERIENCE Today’s retail environment is a highly competitive one. E-commerce companies like Amazon, Overstock, and Ebay have set a higher bar for brand experience across both online and offline platforms. At the same time, there remains a powerful experience aspect to shopping in a physical store: trying things on, engaging with a knowledgeable staffer, […]

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A better way to watch the weather

This post is a continuation of our series about how sensors and Big Data are changing the world for the better. One of the tenets of Big Data is that even noisy data, in sufficiently large volumes, can yield significant value. In a recent article, the OpenSignal team described how they discovered an accurate way to gather […]

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