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Wi-Fi and Beacons for Brick and Mortar

According to IDC, there will be 30 billion connected autonomous things as part of the Internet of Things by 2020. The proliferation of connected devices and data intelligence poses both a great opportunity and challenge to brick and mortar locations. Wi-Fi and Beacons are core components of the infrastructure leading the IofT charge, and this post […]

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Simplifying Sales Forecasting

Sales Forecasting for Retail Sales are the lifeblood of retail and sales forecasting is a crucial component of every retailer’s marketing, operations and strategic planning. Forecasting seeks to anticipate future purchasing actions of customer, and draws on existing data to predict future events, specifically around expected customer behavior. One of the challenges brick and mortar retail faces is […]

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Marrying the Online and Offline Experience

The battle between online and offline retail is old news, and today’s smart retailers are embracing a cohesive cross-channel experience. While e-commerce is growing rapidly, brick and mortar locations are here to stay. In fact, the two channels can act synergistically, with brick and mortar experiences driving digital purchases and online advertising prompting in-store visits. […]

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Custom Reports with Euclid Express

By Alexander Reichert, Insights | Product | 20 June, 2014

UPDATE: Since this post was written, some things have changed! Check out the product page on Euclid Starter, our new free product for visitor analytics to learn more.   With new Custom Reports in Euclid Express, build and download performance reports with the visitor metrics and sales KPIs most relevant to your marketing, operations and […]

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