Independent OBA Disclosure

Euclid may collect information about your web viewing and mobile app usage information from this website or app, as well as across different websites and mobile apps, and across devices associated with you, over time for purposes including analytics and advertising purposes.  One way we may use this information is to make inferences about your interests to help our clients and other entities to deliver ads that are more relevant to those interests.  This type of advertising is sometimes called interest-based advertising (“IBA”).  We adhere to the Digital Advertising Alliance’s (“DAA”) Self-Regulatory Principles regarding this IBA activity.

To learn more about this type of advertising, and how to opt out of the collection of web viewing information for IBA, you can visit this website and exercise choice for companies that participate in the DAA’s choice tool in this browser (including Euclid).  To make choices about the collection of app usage information on your mobile device for IBA by companies that participate in the DAA’s AppChoices mobile choice tool (including Euclid), you can learn how to download that app on your mobile device here.  If you choose to opt out of IBA on this browser or device, data will not be collected from websites or apps on this device for IBA on this device or associated devices, and data will not be collected on those devices and used in this browser or apps on this device for IBA.

Please note that we may still collect data for other purposes, such as analytics.  You may still receive ads if you use these choice tools, but those ads may be less relevant to your interests.  Additionally, if you use different browsers or devices you will need to make your choices on those other browsers or devices.  For more information about our privacy practices, visit here.