• Advertising Platforms

    Drive repeat visits and increase life-time value

    Discover lookalike audiences to acquire new high-value customers

    Optimize campaign audience for greater relevance and reduced cost

  • Marketing Clouds

    Complete missing piece of customer buying journey

    Segment based on in-store behavior to increase effectiveness

    Acquire high-value customer emails through in-store channel

  • Email Marketing

    Create targeted segments based on in-store behavior

    Trigger automated campaigns from store engagement

    Personalize campaign content for better relevance

Euclid Wi-Fi Technology

Euclid partners with global Wi-Fi OEMs, VADs, VARs and MSPs to offer industry-leading location analytics with existing infrastructure.

Partner Highlight: AgilOne

Integrating in-store identity and behavior into AgilOne's customer data platform bridges the offline/online divide, enabling consistent, orchestrated personalization across channels.