Euclid connects the physical world

Euclid transforms how people engage with the physical world by providing essential visitor insights to power personalized experiences, long-lasting loyalty and online-to-offline attribution.

How We See It

In the United States, 9 out of 10 dollars are spent in physical stores. Yet a combination of mobility, digital empowerment and social media has created a world where customers have a high bar for expectations and want to buy whenever, wherever. This new world of retail is not one where online thrives and brick-and-mortar withers. Rather, the next generation of retail powerhouses will master both domains, creating a seamless and personalized experience for shoppers, regardless of the channel through which they purchase.  In order to do that, physical retail must embrace the use of data and personalization that has been core to online retailers for years. So, rather than only master online or only offline, brands must master both, including the seamless transition between the two.



Our Story

wills-grandfather Euclid was founded in 2010 by Will Smith, whose grandfather was the driving force behind the modern-day shopping mall. Following in his grandfather’s footsteps, Will teamed up with one of the founders of Urchin—which would later become Google Analytics – to revolutionize brick-and-mortar businesses by tapping into the explosive growth and pervasiveness of Wi-Fi and smartphones. Together, these early Euclideans had the mission of making sense of the physical world with data and empowering businesses to make data-driven decisions – a luxury previously reserved for online eCommerce.

What’s in a Name?

Eu·clid (yoo′klĭd)

From the Greek name Ευκλειδης (Eukleides), Euclid is the combination of the Greek ευ (eu) meaning “good” and κλεος (kleos) meaning “glory”.

We are also named after the Greek mathematician who applied the deductive principles of logic to geometry, thereby deriving statements from clearly defined axioms.

So why the name? We’re applying today’s data science principles and logic about how people behave in the physical world to derive actionable insights for our customers.

Our Ethos

Euclid connects the physical world.
We realized that by combining new and ubiquitous technology (Wi-Fi and smartphones) with best-in-industry data science, new and powerful insights could be made available to everyone. We hope that every business in the world has the opportunity to embrace Wi-Fi analytics and traffic counters to surprise and delight their customers.

Meet Our Team


  • Will Smith Founder, Chairman, and CSO, Euclid
  • Brent Franson CEO, Euclid
  • Rick Yang Partner, NEA
  • Bruce Dunlevie General Partner, Benchmark Capital
  • Jonathan Kaplan Founder and CEO, The Melt
  • Duncan O'Brien SVP and GM, Cox Enterprises

Board of Advisors

  • Brett Crosby Director of Consumer Marketing, Google Co-Founder, Urchin Software / Google Analytics
  • Lauren Gelman Principal and Founder, BlurryEdge Strategies
  • Michael Linton Enterprise CMO, Farmers Insurance


  • Michael Calbert
  • Othman Laraki
  • TriplePoint Ventures
  • Jens Christensen
  • Ben Narasin