Our Privacy Commitment

Our Privacy Commitment

By Brent Franson | #EuclidData | 15 August, 2018

Euclid’s technology enhances customers’ retail, restaurant, and event experiences – and, at its foundation, relies on a robust framework of consumer consent and choice.

We believe that consumers must always have the ability to choose what’s right for them concerning the use of their data. Consequently, our responsibility is to ensure they can exercise or withdraw consent at any time, and to make it simple for people to do so.

Treating customer data like our own is a core value at Euclid, embedded in how we design, deliver, and manage our technology. What we offer meets and frequently exceeds generally accepted best practices for consumer data, as defined by the Federal Trade Commission as well as standard-setting third party organizations such as the Future of Privacy Forum.

Our commitment to transparent privacy practices includes:

  • – A straightforward opt-in process, which clearly indicates that customer data will be used for marketing outreach and location-based services
  • – Affirmative consent, which means the customer must make the active choice to click the “accept” box to receive this outreach
  • – Multiple ways to opt out, including:
    • – On Euclid’s homepage, via a link that enables consumers to stop receiving marketing outreach
    • – Smart-places.org, which offers a one-time opt-out process. If a consumer prefers not to receive marketing communications from retailers we work with, they may opt out here and we will not store that consumer’s MAC or email address
    • – Through individual retailers themselves, who must include a link to Euclid’s opt-out process via their privacy policy, included in marketing emails to customers

Euclid has also consistently taken a leadership role in developing industry privacy and transparency practices, most notably helping to spearhead the creation of Senator Charles Schumer’s Mobile Location Code of Conduct, a self-regulatory code administered by the Future of Privacy Forum. We were recognized as a Privacy by Design Ambassador for our dedication and adherence to the Privacy by Design international standard for consumer privacy protection.

Euclid was also compliant with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standard well in advance of enforcement. Compliance was a straightforward process given the close alignment between the GDPR and our pre-existing approach to privacy and data security.  

As consumers ourselves, we recognize that consumer data is precious and personal, requiring ethical collection, use, protection and disposal. We remain committed to doing not just what’s required, but what’s right for our customers and their customers.

Brent Franson

Brent Franson

Brent is the CEO of Euclid Analytics.

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