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4 Reasons Why Retailers Should Dive The Plane

By Brent Franson | Best Practices | 26 June, 2018

When you’re piloting a commercial jet, losing altitude and in danger of an imminent crash, the instinct is to quickly pull up on the controls as hard as you can. It’s only logical, right? You’re going down, so you pull up. (There’s also a mechanical voice blaring, “STALL! STALL! STALL!” that helpfully adds to the […]

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Retail As A Service: How To Reach Millennial Shoppers

As today’s tech-savvy millennial shoppers increasingly expect personalization and innovation from their favorite brands, it is ever-more important for retailers to deliver a consistent and sophisticated shopping experience across all channels. Achieving this requires investing in technology that can adapt to changing business needs as well as marketing strategies that allow for personalized 1:1 connection. […]

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