Beyond The Webinar: 3 Key Takeaways from Euclid & Shopify on Omnichannel Brand Experiences

Beyond The Webinar: 3 Key Takeaways from Euclid & Shopify on Omnichannel Brand Experiences

By Meredith Robinson | Best Practices | 20 March, 2018

Valuable consumers are increasingly interacting with brands across multiple channels: browsing online before purchasing in-store or interacting with products at brick-and-mortar locations before purchasing online. These high intent omni-channel shoppers spend 3.5x more on average than single channel shoppers.

In our joint webinar with Shopify, we explore key ways that you can consistently deliver an elevated experience across all of your brand’s consumer touchpoints to ensure these valuable shoppers continue to return, building lasting loyalty. Here are three key takeaways from the webinar:

How To Collect Visitor Data & Use It In Your Marketing Stack

Capturing visitor data is crucial if you’re creating awesome experiences in your stores (or pop-up locations). Knowing who is in those locations allows you to deliver the right marketing at the right time with the right messaging so you can influence shopping behavior towards making a purchase.

Some of the top technologies used to understand store visitors and track conversions are Wi-Fi, POS, SDK datasets, traffic counters, and beacons:

Collect Marketable Visitor Data

Once you’ve identified store visitors, you can easily maximize marketing spend by pushing these visitors into your existing campaigns. Conversely, one of the more powerful ways you can provide an elevated experience is by removing shoppers who have recently purchased from your campaigns. Suppressing these audiences improves ad spend efficiency and ensures they do not feel hassled, resulting in an overall improved experience (if you’ve just made a purchase, you might not be the best fit for an ad). That said, it is still important to nurture these loyal shoppers through other post purchase follow-up methods.

Reducing Barriers To Ensure A Purchase

One of the ways that a lot of physical retailers are seeing success in reducing barriers is through creating immersive in-store experiences. It’s no longer enough to simply be available for customers who come into your store so they can make a purchase – you need to make their visit memorable and attract them with a great experience. 72% of respondents say the in-store experience is the most important factor when making a purchase. Offering classes or complementary services that work together with your products creates an immersive experience that will continue to draw shoppers.

Reducing Barriers to Purchase

Following Up After A Store Visit Without Purchase

The customer journey doesn’t end once a shopper leaves your store. In fact, 41% of shoppers say they are likely to buy from a brand, online or in-store, in the coming weeks after leaving a store without making a purchase. How can you ensure these shoppers keep your brand top of mind so they buy from you when they are ready to make their purchase? By sending targeted abandoned shopping cart emails. Abandoned cart emails have some of the highest open and click through rates of any kind of marketing email with an average 44.1% open and 28% click through rate.

Following Up After Abandoned Cart Visit

Creating a seamless experience across all of your brand’s channels means exploring every single interaction with your customer. Whether that experience is as simple as answering a question on social media, or creating an exceptional store experience with educated salespeople who can help your customers learn about your product, understanding the customer and what they hope to get out of the interaction will help you create a more cohesive experience across all your channels.

To learn more, watch our webinar, How Brands of Any Size can Create Seamless Multi-channel Experiences!


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