Euclid: The ‘Easy Button’ For Personalized Marketing Campaigns

Euclid: The ‘Easy Button’ For Personalized Marketing Campaigns

By Lindsay Houle | #EuclidData | 26 February, 2018

Imagine a world where the Staples Easy button is a constant reality for retail marketers. You know your shoppers, are able to easily define segments, and voila! Automated campaigns delivered to the right person, with the right message, at exactly the right time.

At Euclid, we’re all about product innovation and a commitment to making our clients lives that much easier. If you’re drowning in data and don’t know what to do with it, our consultative approach to in-store identity and visit behavior is a no brainer. We believe in applying high quality data to actionable insights so you have more time to focus on what truly matters…your customers.

Using our newly updated dashboard feature, Euclid’s Recommended Audiences, you’ll have access to up-to-date segments showcasing your most valuable (loyalty) shoppers, lapsed shoppers, frequent visitors, and more. With our newly released Euclid Click to Connect functionality, you can directly upload these audiences into social channels like Facebook and Instagram, to reach high intent look alike shoppers with a personalized message generated using our unique behavioral dataset. The resulting increase in ROI will be immediately noticeable.

Here’s a few other examples of how you can use our audience building features to improve the efficacy of your marketing efforts:

Predictive Analytics – target shoppers who are likely to visit in 30 days (and ensure they do visit).

Likelihood to Visit

Based on our predictive algorithms, Euclid combines our data science models with your customer dataset (captured by us) to serve up the perfect formula for marketing campaigns so you can be proactive versus reactive in your targeting.

Lapsed Visitors – target once-loyal customers who haven’t visited your stores in awhile.

Target Lapsed Shoppers

Some shoppers need a little more love and incentive than others, which is why personalization is based on behavior and not a one-size-fits-all. We’ll bucket this audience automatically so that you know when to reach out to your customers who need a reminder of why they love your brand.

Abandoned Cart – for shoppers who come into your store and don’t make a purchase.

Measure Store Influence on Purchase

Euclid automatically bundles this high-intent audience, leveraging our visit data with your purchase (transaction) data, making sure you don’t miss out on conversions. This is a Staples Easy Button and a Print Money button, all in one.

Curious to learn more about how you can leverage Euclid’s dataset to drive your marketing goals?


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Lindsay Houle

Lindsay Houle

Lindsay is an Strategic Partnerships Manager at Euclid. She focuses on helping businesses create a consistent brand experience by closing the knowledge gap in the physical world.

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