Black Friday or Bust

Black Friday or Bust

By Lindsay Houle | Best Practices | 13 October, 2017

The holiday season brings about equal parts excitement and tension for retailers as they look to drive the bottom line and make their final push into year end sales. For those in brick and mortar, it’s an opportunity to delight shoppers and hone in on this concept of experiential marketing across a high-intent audience.

As consumers, we expect the best deals, the best prices, and ultimately, the best customer experiences as we drag our food coma bodies out of bed into the early hours of the morning. The scene is set with glowing holiday lights, decorative window displays, and shiny promotional signage to lure in the highest value shoppers. And in this world of growing personalization and segmented marketing, I bet brands would kill to greet every customer by name.

Black Friday In-store Shopping - Euclid

In our latest white paper – The Definitive Guide to Measuring Offline Attribution, we call to attention the importance of measuring the store influence on the path to purchase. For those who have gotten out of bed to walk into a store and make a purchase, retailers are now able to measure the efficacy of their digital marketing spend on overall conversion. For those who have also gotten out of bed, but couldn’t find what they were looking for or were simply showrooming, wouldn’t it be nice to surface up that visit data for campaign insight and retargeting purposes?

Black Friday Online Shopping - Euclid

As one of those crazy individuals who drags my highly caffeinated friends from store to store at 2am on a snowy, post-Thanksgiving morning, I’ve seen a major shift in the Black Friday market over the years. We no longer have the time to browse through countless racks and hit every offer from every direct mail and email campaign that floods our inboxes. Instead, it’s survival of the trendiest and this holiday season, may the best brands win.

Want to learn more about how your brand can win this upcoming holiday season by filling in the missing pieces in your attribution marketing models? Download our Guide to Measuring Offline Attribution:

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Lindsay Houle

Lindsay Houle

Lindsay is an Strategic Partnerships Manager at Euclid. She focuses on helping businesses create a consistent brand experience by closing the knowledge gap in the physical world.

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