What Piece of the Omni-channel Customer Journey Are You Missing?

What Piece of the Omni-channel Customer Journey Are You Missing?

By Greg Mann | Best Practices | 12 May, 2017

As more and more mediums are created for retailers to connect with shoppers, it’s easier than ever before for shoppers to get access to exactly what they are looking for. But on the flip side, retailers are finding it more and more difficult to keep up with all of these different channels!

Being able to fully utilize the different touchpoints across your brand’s entire customer journey is critical for any successful omni-channel strategy. Nowadays, shoppers no longer just go into a store, search through that location’s merchandise and make a purchase.

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In our increasingly digital world, the buying journey is also becoming increasingly more complex. Someone can now start their buying journey online, go into a store, browse around on their phone, and eventually make a purchase online later.

This means that traditional approaches to retail are no longer cutting it. And is why more and more retailers are investing heavily in boosting their omni-channel efforts. A personalized and relevant journey across all of their brand’s channels is what consumers have come to expect.

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Now that all of these touchpoints exist for an individual as they are on their buying journey, retailers need to measure each step along the way in order to affect that journey in the long run.

So that brings us to the question: what piece of the omni-channel customer journey are you missing?

The majority of retailers today are already capturing data from their point of sales systems, their online shopper behaviors, their mobile app (if they have one), and any of their digital channels. But if you are like the majority of retailers today, you are also missing out on the opportunity to get the most out of your most important asset: your physical stores! And that’s a BIG deal!

9 out of the 10 dollars spent in retail today still come from shoppers at physical stores. So any retailer that is not capturing the ways that people are interacting with their physical spaces and engaging with them based on that data is missing the biggest piece of the buying journey. By connecting this store data with the data that you are already capturing through other channels, you can finally get a complete, singular view of your customer.

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If you are already collecting data from all of the digital channels across your brand, why not get the most out of your physical locations too? In today’s competitive retail environment, creating a best-in-class omni-channel experience is key for success.

So the real question is: if you are missing this critical piece of the omni-channel customer journey, how many opportunities to retain and engage customers are you also missing?

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Greg Mann

Greg Mann

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