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How Pizza Changed the Path to Purchase Forever

By Ian Bury | Industry Insights | 26 May, 2017

Like most great things, this post starts with pizza. In 1994, the first ever online purchase was made through PizzaNet, an online ordering interface developed for Pizza Hut. And the path to purchase hasn’t been the same since. Flash forward to 2017 and there are over 100,000 ecommerce websites delivering their products without their customer […]

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Leveraging a Retail Store Presence

By Andrea Wasserman | Best Practices | 23 May, 2017

As company after company has filed for bankruptcy or announced mass store closures, I’m reminded both of my question about how retailers are measuring stores and my ideas for how retailers can use stores to enhance the customer experience. Regardless of whether retailers are thinking about either of these topics, there are obvious ways to […]

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Why 1:1 Marketing is So Hard

By Chris Finlayson | Best Practices | 19 May, 2017

Four factors holding back broad adoption of mass personalization…and why there’s still hope.   Personalization fatigue Personalization. Tailoring. 1:1 marketing. It is clear that marketing executives have grown weary of venders overusing these buzzy terms. B2B marketers, however, didn’t conspire to drive their customers crazy by all using identical language. There’s a real opportunity for […]

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