6 Omni-channel Retailers to Keep Your Eye On

6 Omni-channel Retailers to Keep Your Eye On

By Lindsay Houle | Industry Insights | 14 April, 2017

In today’s interconnected and digital world, consumers expect excellence and relevance when interacting with the brands they love. In all reality, they’re demanding it, but not everybody is keeping up with the Jones’s when it comes to the omni-channel customer profile.

Shout-out to these 6 brands who are setting the stage for a world in which people are treated as valued individuals, not as a siloed shopper across devices and a blurred face when they do visit a physical location.

1. Bonobos

As a female who prefers black jeans and nothing but, I’m far from this brand’s target demographic. Yet, we just can’t keep our eyes off each other. Bonobos is not only celebrating its 10-year anniversary but is also disrupting the retail industry by going online to offline (a la Amazon) – brick and mortar retail is NOT dead.

Founded upon the idea of building a better fitting pant and having the best service experience for men, the team at Bonobos put both the online and offline channels to work for their customers. For example, shoppers can go online to book an appointment at their nearest Guideshop and the associate will be ready to go with style options and suggestions that they know will work based on their shopper profile. Talk about a seamless online-offline experience!

Bonobos omni-channel customer experience - Euclid Analytics

2. Walgreens

Walgreens has established itself as the one-stop-shop for consumers on the go. Props to any business where I can check off multiple items on my to do list in a matter of minutes. Whether I need a case of La Croix after Soulcycle, my prescription refilled through a quick text, or a last-minute birthday card this is a brand that is constantly saving the day.

From SMS alerts, to personalized emails, to knowing my name when I walk in the store, Walgreens is consistent across all channels and is hyper-focused on delivering consistent personalization. Imagine an experience like “Cheers” of Boston or “Central Perk” of friends where everyone knows your name, but also happens to have your prescription ready to grab-and-go!

Walgreens omni-channel customer experience - Euclid Analytics

3. Rent the Runway

A personal favorite of mine, Rent the Runway has already opened several of its own brick-and-mortar locations and recently announced a new partnership with Neiman Marcus. They have invested heavily into omni-channel capabilities, offering seamless pick-up and returns for online orders and even street-level hand delivery for the ultimate, luxury customer experience.

RTR is also one of the notorious few who have mastered the shopper profile, allowing store associates to quickly assist their valued customers across various styles, sizes, colors, and designers. In a world where 82% of marketers struggle to create a single customer view, RTR clearly stands above the rest.

Rent the Runway omni-channel customer experience - Euclid Analytics

4. Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret is an example of a retailer that has a truly differentiated loyalty program. From PINK to VS Sport, being a VIP means exclusive access to all VS brands and a perfect dose of cross-channel personalization to boot.

From their emails, to their insider access and events, personalization is always top of mind – across all channels. If my own friends forget my birthday, at least I know these angels have my back with a $10 gift card and a consistent brand experience across online, mobile, and that pristinely renovated store front in Union Square, San Francisco.

Victoria's Secret omni-channel customer experience - Euclid Analytics

5. Starbucks

To no one’s surprise, Starbucks takes the cake when it comes to brands who simply have omni-channel figured out. With their launch of Mobile Order & Pay in 2015, I can finally make it to work on time with both eyes open. If you’re like me and believe that standing in line is an inefficient use of your time, download the app, favorite your local Starbucks, and order en route.

Outside of its app, Starbucks has also announced partnerships with Amazon’s Alexa, Ford vehicles, and, most recently, launched its own iMessage app. Starbucks is a real trendsetter when it comes to omni-channel innovations; it’s no wonder that the brand boasts a staggering 13 million loyalty program members.

Starbucks omni-channel customer experience - Euclid Analytics

6. Tumi

I think we can all agree that Tumi is a brand who has never, in the history of mankind, let anyone down. The more worn in the better, and their excellence in quality products mirrors their excellence in marketing materials. Tumi’s overall marketing strategy is focused on serving customers with relevant and personalized material, regardless of the channel.

In fact, when I was searching online for the Alpha 2 Best Seller carry-on (can’t praise this bag enough), my local store associate picked up the phone to call me when it came back in stock in black last Christmas. An actual phone call, with an actual human being, who knew my name, and knew exactly what I was looking for – can you even imagine? Now that’s an awesome multi-channel experience.

Tumi omni-channel customer experience - Euclid Analytics

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Lindsay Houle

Lindsay Houle

Lindsay is an Strategic Partnerships Manager at Euclid. She focuses on helping businesses create a consistent brand experience by closing the knowledge gap in the physical world.

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