3 Reasons Why Joann Fabrics Should Be on Every CMO’s Radar

3 Reasons Why Joann Fabrics Should Be on Every CMO’s Radar

By Makenna Nielsen | Best Practices | 14 March, 2017

Joann Fabric and Craft Stores is one of the leading specialty crafts and fabrics chains in the country, with over 850 locations located in 49 states. Offering supplies ranging from fabric to wood-working tools, Joann is a one-stop shop for crafting enthusiasts.

What you may not know, and what retail marketers should be paying attention to, is Joann’s cutting-edge omnichannel marketing and customer engagement. Not only are they thriving in a difficult brick-and-mortar retail climate, they continue to innovate and enhance their tech stack to understand and engage with their customers across all channels.

Here are the top three reasons why we think retailers should be taking notes from Joann’s omnichannel strategy:

  1. In-Store Abandoned Shopping Cart Campaign

You’re probably already doing abandoned shopping cart campaigns online, but why aren’t you doing the same thing for your physical locations? Joann’s is implementing an in-store campaign that will deliver targeted emails and display ads to shoppers that come into a store but do not make a transaction, powered by Euclid.

Given that 78% of shoppers insist on personalized marketing, this is an extremely sticky, and powerful customer experience. Plus, Joann’s gets the chance to influence the path to purchase in a very tangible way.

  1. Real-Time, In-Store Promotional Emails

Any time you are able to deliver personalized marketing at the right time, the impact on loyalty and in-store engagement is huge. Knowing this, Joann’s sends customers that log into their guest Wi-Fi an instantaneous promotional email through Oracle Responsys.

The customer is engaged because they can use their coupon on that day’s purchase, and Joann’s is happy because they have enhanced their database with rich, in-store behaviors which enables more relevant and impactful marketing.

  1. Putting Facebook Campaigns to Work

Speaking of marketing, Joann’s uses the in-store profiles they collect through Euclid to build lookalike audiences that give them more bang for their buck on social media platforms. When they sync their Euclid profiles into Facebook’s Lookalike Audience builder for example, they unlock a new, high-intent audience for their ads – which are particularly successful at driving in-store visits.

Facebook Joann

In fact, Joann’s social media campaigns built from Euclid profiles drove 6x lift in store visits, outperforming Joann’s other, third-party behavioral marketing sources.

As the retailing world continues to move into a blended online-offline world, retail marketers should be looking to Joann Fabric and Craft Stores for best-practices on omnichannel customer engagement. Customers are demanding a tailored, relevant experience and retail brands’ success depends on delivering it.

Want the full scoop? Read the detailed story about Joann’s success with Euclid’s solutions – or get in touch with us and see if it could work for your brand.

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