Why You Should Be Glad the Customer in Your Store is Looking at Her Phone

Why You Should Be Glad the Customer in Your Store is Looking at Her Phone

By Andrea Wasserman | Industry Insights | 02 February, 2017

Earlier this month, I shared my surprise that more retail stores don’t offer Wi-Fi. My post explained why marketers and store managers should care about offering Wi-Fi. Now, I want to discuss some of the many ways retailers can use that Wi-Fi to provide a better experience for the customer walking around your store, phone in hand.

Let’s start with the person who’s just entered and may be far – literally and figuratively – from the actual point of purchase. As we know, retail is no longer just about getting store traffic from door to “cash register” (itself a waning term if I’ve ever heard one). Here are some ideas for in-store engagement along the way, each one a compelling incentive for customers to log onto Wi-Fi and carrying value for retailers:

  1. Store check-in – If someone’s a VIP in your loyalty program and wants to be treated like one, don’t you want to know as soon as she arrives so you can make a point of greeting her?
  2. Online assortment and information – Use signage to let visitors know you have more product or customer reviews online
  3. Services reservations – She’s already in your store so now’s the time for her to book free services like make-up touch-ups or personal shopping, or something more intensive like a spa service
  4. Queue management – A valuable visitor shouldn’t spend time on a fitting room or BOPUS line when she could reserve her place and keep browsing
  5. Summonsing help – Don’t make her tip-toe out of the fitting room shyly or co-opt one of your ladders to reach a high shelf; let her request service when she doesn’t see anyone
  6. Shopping soundtrack – Speaking of fitting rooms, let the customer add some ambiance while she tries on clothes by accessing play lists you’ve made for this purpose
  7. Exploring deals – What’s new in store that you want to promote today, or what’s remaining that you want to sell through?
  8. Gifts – Offer free samples or a gift with purchase if the customer unlocks a code
  9. …Share the gift – Tell her she can send a code, maybe for BOGO coffee, to a nearby friend who will come join her in the store
  10. Photo filters – Create photo-enhancers to be used in-store that are made for social sharing
  11. Contests – Select a winner every 30 minutes and keep the contest hopeful browsing until then


Ideally, this visitor’s found something to buy and is headed to the POS. On her way there, Wi-Fi can allow:

  1. Loyalty program sign-up – No need for a pen and paper application anymore, and the bonus of signing up via Wi-Fi is quick-syncing to your CRM database
  2. First-time buyer or repeat customer discount activation – A discount code is a powerful incentive for store visitors to open up Wi-Fi and provide their e-mail addresses; it’s also a boon for same-day store conversion
  3. Warranty registration – Again, no more pen, paper, and postage stamps needed
  4. Self-checkout – Skip the cashier interaction and allow checkout with just a phone, especially if security tags don’t need to be removed and a bag isn’t needed

The in-store Wi-Fi experience is just the beginning for both customers and retailers. Once store visitors have logged on, Euclid Connect gives retailers visibility into a complete picture of omnichannel customer data and how that store visit fits into the path to purchase over time. What follows is endless opportunity for better-personalized marketing.

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Andrea Wasserman

Andrea Wasserman

Andrea is the Founder of Captain Customer, LLC and former SVP Digital for Hudson’s Bay and Lord & Taylor, and CEO of Sole Society

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