Euclid Connect & Oracle Responsys for Dynamic Personalization At Scale

Euclid Connect & Oracle Responsys for Dynamic Personalization At Scale

By Jordan Nichols | Partners | 31 January, 2017

Today we announced a Euclid Connect integration with Oracle Responsys that empowers retail marketers to identify and understand in-store shoppers to create behavior-influenced campaigns that increase customer lifetime value.

By integrating its data from Euclid Connect into Oracle’s Responsys marketing platform, one of my customers is having more relevant conversations with shoppers. Combining Connect’s ability to capture in-store behavior at the individual shopper level with Responsys’ ability to automate messaging at scale allows the retailer to enhance mass email marketing campaigns with powerful unique content for each individual. The content of the message shifts depending on the age, gender, visit duration or location of the shopper, all of which is delivered by Euclid Connect’s active customer profiles. 

The retailer can now automate discount campaigns for shoppers they have not seen recently or softer emails to push a recent in-store visitor to conversion online. They can also remove frequent visitors from discount promotions for improved profit margins.

An in-store shopper, regardless of purchase, represents a high-intent, high-value customer. Euclid Connect not only allows you to see these in-store profiles, but gives you the ability to engage them at scale. Integrating this physical behavior and demographic information into the Oracle Marketing Cloud makes utilizing this information in campaigns possible with both efficiency and scale.

On track to double its known customer base over the next calendar year, the retailer is looking forward to increased reach and conversion across their cross-channel marketing campaigns they run with Oracle Responsys.

To learn more about the integration, check out our App Listing in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace…or better, get in touch for a demo!

Jordan Nichols

Jordan Nichols

Jordan Nichols is on our Account Management team. When he's not helping retailers, restaurants and shopping centers solve CRM issues, he's trying to relive his glory days on the basketball court.

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