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By Jordan Nichols | Industry Insights | 10 October, 2016

Driving Success in Omnichannel Retail and Beating Amazon


If you read the Wall Street Journal or check the retail blogs, you would get the impression that physical stores are liabilities rather than assets. The truth is, it is entirely dependent on your in-store strategy and if you are leveraging your physical assets correctly. There is a reason Amazon is opening brick and mortar locations. Stop viewing your stores as isolated shopping points and enhance the role they play in the path to purchase, regardless of channel. Capture value from every visitor who steps foot in your locations whether they make a purchase or not.

Key Themes of Shop.Org 2016

Shop.Org, the digital retail division of NRF, held its annual conference this past week in Dallas. The conference brought together industry leaders across the retail landscape, including, but not limited to; retail executives, technology and science experts, and hordes of vendors looking to land a big deal heading into Q4.

The conference provides a tremendous avenue to network with peers in the retail space. It also provides an unmatched opportunity to hear and exchange ideas with thought leaders who have taken innovative approaches to tackling new challenges in this hyper-evolving omnichannel retail world.

By taking a bird’s eye view of the speakers, the topics of discussion, and the vendor list, you can get a holistic view of the most relevant and immediate challenges facing retailers right now.

Below is a list of (what I believe to be) the three major themes of the conference:

  1. Effective Mobile Strategy and Optimization
  1. Creating Experiential and Differentiated Shopping Environments
  1. Understanding the Customer Journey and Delivering Across Channels

While these were the themes of the conference, they were all driven by one ominous question that hung over the conference like a cloud. Every presentation I went to, every round table I sat in, and every candid conversation with an executive started or ended in the same place…How Do We Compete with Amazon?

Check out the full recap to learn more about how retailers can compete with Amazon and leverage their brick-and-mortar locations.

Jordan Nichols

Jordan Nichols

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