Euclid’s Day of Service with Mission Graduates

Euclid’s Day of Service with Mission Graduates

By Makenna Nielsen | Day of Service | 28 September, 2016

Last week the Euclid team volunteered with Mission Graduates for our quarterly Day of Service. It was the last day of summer and we joined Mission Graduates to welcome fall and show the kids of Marshall Elementary School how much fun reading is.

Needless to say…we had a blast!

About Mission Graduates:

Mission Graduates

Mission Graduates is an incredible, non-profit organization located in San Francisco’s Mission District. Its mission is to increase the number of K-12 students in the area that are prepared for and, as a result, complete a college education.

It offers a variety of after-school, in-school, and summer programs for over 2,100 children, youth, and families each year. In addition, its academic enrichment programs weave college education as “end goal” for the children to aim for.

Our Day at Marshal Elementary School:

So what did we get to do? Well, the more appropriate question might be: “what didn’t we do?!”.

After we met our students and teachers, everyone headed down to the cafeteria for a nourishing snack time of oranges.

Euclid and Mission Graduates Snack Time

Then it was time for some fresh air and exercise outside on an unusually sunny San Francisco Day. We played basketball, soccer, hula hoop-ed and, of course, engaged in some rigorous zombie tag!

Euclid and Mission Graduates Recess

Finally, the rest of the day was dedicated to quiet reading, math games, and ice cream while the kids read to family members before going home.

Euclid and Mission Graduates Reading

It was easy to how much Mission Graduates positively impacts the lives of the children and families it touches in the Mission District. Every child was excited to end the day reading, eagerly selecting the books they planned to share with their families.

The next day our team was raving about the fantastic program and the impressive Mission Graduates staff. It is clear Mission Graduates is dedicated to making an impact with each and every child and we were grateful they chose to share the last day of summer with us.

Learn more about Mission Graduates and its many amazing programs here.

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