[Webinar Recap] Digitizing the Physical Store: When and Where to Invest

[Webinar Recap] Digitizing the Physical Store: When and Where to Invest

By Makenna Nielsen | Best Practices | 11 August, 2016

Most of Sales Are Still Happening in Stores, but They Are Significantly Impacted by Online

A customer’s journey begins way before they walk into a store, and it is becoming more convoluted as the digital and physical worlds collide. The retail landscape is transforming and brick-and-mortar will need to adopt new technology and metrics in order to keep up.

On August 10th, speakers Adam Silverman, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, and Brennan O’Donnell, SVP of Sales & Business Development at Euclid Analytics, teamed up to talk about shifting landscape of omni-channel retail and what retailers can do to roll with the changing tide.

Adam and Brennan discussed trends that are emerging for both in-store and online retail as well as how analytics are playing a role in transforming the physical store and the biggest opportunities for retailers (and which “shiny objects” to avoid).

Here are some tips they shared with us:

  1. No matter what, focus on what is right for your business
  2. Get more measurable ROI by focusing on operational excellence first
  3. Digital store transformation happens in real time, with intelligence
  4. Determine the right mix of customer engagement for your business
  5. Establish what success looks like and adjust your metrics for omni-channel shopping


Eager to learn more? Check out the full webinar replay

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