Here’s Looking at Euclid: Andrew Borella

Here’s Looking at Euclid: Andrew Borella

Here’s Looking at Euclid showcases our bright-shining team members. Every so often, we like to interview Euclideans to see what brought them here, what keeps them here and what they’re doing when they hang up their Euclid hat. This time, we hear from Andrew Borella.


Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 5.25.54 PMWhat do you do for Euclid?

I am on the Sales team.


What does that mean?

That means I am prospecting for new business, working with companies that are in our sales pipeline and moving trial participants through the process so that they see value and sign a commercial agreement.

That ALSO means I get to interact with marketing, product, client success, engineering — yay!


How long have you been with the team?

Does “almost two years” work or do you want exact?

Sure, be exact.

22 months


That is very exact! So, why did you join?

Uhh, let’s see here. I really enjoy the retail space. Coming from a retail business (Safeway), I got to see how antiquated some of the analytics systems were and how big the need for data was.

I truly believe in the value of the data that Euclid provides. After speaking with the team, I was convinced that Euclid was in the best position among its colleagues in the industry–especially in terms of leveraging existing hardware. In my role at Safeway, I had tested out retail analytics competitors, and we couldn’t pull the trigger, because I couldn’t justify the cost of the other solutions. But with Euclid, this wouldn’t be a problem.


Talk about one of our proudest moments at Euclid.

Back when I first started, we used to sell sensors alongside our software. In my first month at Euclid, I was introduced to a small business in San Francisco, where we’re based. It was the first pitch I ever gave as a Euclid employee, and I convinced them to buy the solution. I hand-delivered the sensor to the buyer in the Euclid lobby..and the rest is history.


You pitched them and convinced them all in one meeting?



Using your crystal ball for a second, what does the rest of 2016 at Euclid hold for you?

It holds exciting growth as we move into the next phase of our product vision. For the last 6 to 12 months, I’ve heard our customers talk about the value of the unique ID and its impact on understanding loyalty. So I can’t wait to share with them what we’re cooking!


Three words you associate with Euclid culture. Ready, go!

Entertaining: no shortage of laughs on a daily basis. Case in point: you should interview Ryan Irish for the next one.

Driven: we’re highly motivated to get the job done and are all bought into the company goals and how to get there. I guess you could say we’re all drinking the Kool-Aid… which conveniently brings me to the third word…

Thirsty: we’re connoisseurs of LaCroix and craft beers alike. We’re equal opportunity drinkers! [laughs]


Name a single item that defines a Euclidean.

A ping-pong paddle.


Well that’s convenient for this transition. Rumor has it that you’re the reigning champion of the Euclid ping-pong tournament. True or false? Any statements you’d like to make around this rumor?

True. I thoroughly beat all opponents, which I intend to do again in a few weeks at the upcoming quarterly tournament.  [laughs]


Now it’s time for some free-word association.

Go-to drink: Maker’s Mark on the rocks

Go-to karaoke song: You’re Beautiful by James Blunt

[Editor’s Note: the author knew that and just wanted him to admit it on the record…and can you blame me?]

Go-to milk: Promised Land Dairy Midnight Chocolate. Dang, that’s specific. It’s only available in select states.

Go-to pump-up jam: Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go by Wham!

Table tennis or ping pong? Ping Pong. C’mon now!

Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate.

Thin crust or deep dish? Thin Crust.

Skittles or Starburst? Skittles, preferably Sour Skittles.

Drip coffee or espresso? Espresso.

Cake or ice-cream? Both. Although cheesecake is my favorite.


Think you can dethrone the current champ and beat Borella in ping-pong? Then we definitely want to talk to you! Check out Euclid’s Careers page to see how you can join the team. 

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