The Euclid Winter Retreat Recipe

The Euclid Winter Retreat Recipe

By Adrienn Hopkins, People Ops | Euclid Culture | 26 February, 2016

What does a group of smart, fun-loving folks do in preparation for a year of explosive growth? Head to the snow, of course! Being in California, the team was feeling excited about this winter’s precipitation after many dry years. In short, we needed to go see it for ourselves.

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1 large group bus

There’s nothing like starting a retreat in a confined space with music and movies blasting. The Euclid team kicked off Monday morning with bagels and a 3.5-hr bus ride together to Tahoe. Maybe it’s just physics, but tight spaces really bring people together.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 1.05.21 PM2 hours of games

After our arrival in Tahoe but before dinner, we held a short Game Show series. Boy, did it get heated! Tough crowd. We blended Family Feud, Scattergories and Charades for a loud, sometimes messy but generally fun time.

½ hour of company talk

During dinner, the members of our leadership team reminded us of the road ahead. Having just raised our Series C round, we know that we have a lot of important work to do. Yet, hearing how we are going to reach our goals and which roles we’ll play was just the reminder we needed to put our foot on the gas pedal.

1 day of diverse activities

Pockets of people ventured out to participate in their favorite mountain activities. There were skiiers and snowboarders, spa-goers and shoppers, resters and relaxers. Luckily, Squaw Valley had a little something for everyone!

1 heaping pour of camaraderie

Whether it was during late-night karaoke or over casual beers, camaraderie was definitely in the air. Teams that don’t interface everyday in the office were able to spend time together in a more informal setting.

If this sounds like your idea of fun, get in touch! Check out our openings and help us plan our next retreat!

Adrienn Hopkins, People Ops

Adrienn Hopkins, People Ops

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