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The Euclid Winter Retreat Recipe

By Adrienn Hopkins, People Ops | Euclid Culture | 26 February, 2016

What does a group of smart, fun-loving folks do in preparation for a year of explosive growth? Head to the snow, of course! Being in California, the team was feeling excited about this winter’s precipitation after many dry years. In short, we needed to go see it for ourselves. Check out our proprietary Euclid recipe […]

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The top 3 ways retailers and QSRs will use their WiFi to boost customer loyalty

The mobile consumer has turned every business on its head. Armed with data, competitive deals and Amazon’s website, this digitally connected consumer is changing the playing field for both retailers and quick service restaurants (QSR). As such, driving loyalty among this fickle – but highly lucrative – customer segment has proven challenging. Traditional brick-and-mortar retailers […]

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Fast Fashion Chain Wants its Data Fast

By Christiana Rattazzi, Marketing | Customers | 02 February, 2016

Brick-and-mortar retailing is challenging enough. “Fast fashion” adds another layer of complexity, because frequent merchandise changes generate more variables to track. In this dynamic environment, information about in-store traffic and other customer engagement trends is vital to success. That’s why A’GACI, one of the fastest growing brands in the fast fashion world, is using Euclid […]

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