Top 3 Reasons to Try the Xirrus-Euclid Solution

Top 3 Reasons to Try the Xirrus-Euclid Solution

By Christiana Rattazzi, Marketing | Partners | 13 October, 2015

According to IDC, there will be 30 billion connected devices as part of the Internet of Things by 2020. The proliferation of these things and the data intelligence associated with them poses both a great opportunity for physical locations. Wi-Fi plays a key role in this new world, and the Euclid-Xirrus partnership has the key elements to help you succeed.


#1: Accurate: Insights that are both powerful and effective

In order to have insights worth acting on, you need both robust Wi-Fi and an enterprise-grade analytics engine. Xirrus offers the broadest portfolio of Wi-Fi platforms that delivers  superior user experience in every environment. With distributed network intelligence, busy physical locations such as storefronts, malls, conference and event venues, brands can rely on Xirrus to provide highly accurate data for mobile devices. This data is then processed by Euclid’s advanced algorithms to deliver key insights such as chain performance, marketing effectiveness and visitor frequency.


#2: Scalable: As simple as flipping a switch

Xirrus offers simple cloud-managed Wi-Fi with zero-touch deployment. Your IT department can easily scale the network from a single location to hundreds or even thousands of distributed locations.  Plus, an integrated Euclid-Xirrus joint solution provides seamlessly activated insights with just a few clicks. What does this mean? You finally have the flexibility to grow, add capacity as needed and effortlessly enable key behavioral analytics–all within a centrally-managed location.


#3: Affordable: Easy to try and buy

Last but certainly not least, the joint solution is free to try.  Yes, free to try. Both Xirrus and Euclid believe that physical spaces looking to understand visitor behavior should have confidence in the insights and how they’ll be used across the organization. With the joint Wi-Fi and analytics solution from Xirrus and Euclid see for yourself the value we can bring to your business with powerful and easy location analytics.


Eager to learn more or get started? Let us know and try the Euclid-Xirrus solution for free.

Christiana Rattazzi, Marketing

Christiana Rattazzi, Marketing

Christiana is passionate about empowering brands to improve experiences for shoppers and diners everywhere. As VP of Marketing & Partnerships, she is responsible for all product marketing, corporate communications and demand generation efforts.

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