Meet the new brand of Euclid Analytics

Meet the new brand of Euclid Analytics

By Brent Franson | Uncategorized | 01 October, 2015

We’re excited to share with you our new brand, which we’ve been developing for the last few months.  Here is the story behind the new brand and what this new visual identity means to our customers, partners and employees.

What’s in a brand?

Rebranding initiatives are always complex undertakings. Packed into one tiny graphic or icon represents the company’s identity — encompassing vision, product, mission, customers, employees and host of other variables.  What do we want to convey and communicate? Will the brand effectively articulate our values and value proposition?  Will the brand engage our customers, partners and employees?

As we undertook this important project, we also subjected ourselves to some careful introspection. In the end, we unanimously selected a new visual identity that succinctly codifies our mission and ethos: “Euclid is giving everyone the power of location analytics.”

Since our inception, we realized that by combining new and ubiquitous technology (Wi-Fi and smartphones) with best-in-industry data science, new and powerful insights could be made available to everyone — easily and affordably. Today, we’re empowering over 500 brands around the world through location analytics and data science to surprise and delight their customers.

Cool. So, what’s with the circles?


The new logo visually communicates our identity to our customers, partners and employees  across four important facets.


#1: Our growing network and data science expertise

The circles represent our data science and network. At the core of our network is our data science and core metrics.  Over time, as our network continues to grow — and becomes smarter — the value we deliver to customers and partners grows exponentially.


#2: Wi-Fi

The circles also represent Wi-Fi signals.  Wi-Fi, much like data science, is part of our DNA. One of our core value propositions is our ability to easily integrate with existing Wi-Fi systems — without the need for expensive hardware or lengthy or expensive deployment cycles.


#3: Physical spaces

The concentric circles play on the interconnectivity of spaces, the interactions within them and the layers between–similar to the challenging questions we seek to answer for retailers, QSRs, malls, banks and transportation hubs.


#4: The Euclid team

Concentric circles remind us, the Euclid team, that we’re all woven together by a singular mission. Some days, our part may seem small and on other days, it may seem big. Regardless, each part matters to the greater goal.


Today’s technology, through mobile phones and Wi-Fi, has made us more interconnected than ever. Understanding customer behavior and creating a better experience should not be overly complex or expensive. We hope our new brand gives you a better idea of what we’re all about. What do you think? Tweet us and let us know your thoughts!

Brent Franson

Brent Franson

Brent is the CEO of Euclid Analytics.

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