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Three steps to building brick-and-mortar customer loyalty

Every brick-and-mortar business is in a state of transition. While brick-and-mortar businesses will continue to drive 94% of all purchase transactions, digital- and mobile-savvy customers are visiting physical stores less and less.  Over the past few years, in-store traffic has declined.  At the same time, digital technologies are influencing $2.2 trillion in in-store sales. As a […]

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How A/B Testing Can Be Used In the Offline World

In today’s competitive, hyper-connected world, businesses need to make the most of their advertising and other promotional dollars. This is especially true of brick-and-mortar stores, quick-service restaurants and shopping malls. Customers today have more options, and are spending less time and money in physical stores. To stem that tide, it’s important store managers know exactly […]

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