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Introducing Euclid EventIQ

By Euclid | Product | 23 June, 2015

World, meet Euclid EventIQ–a new way to measure the impact of marketing events and operational changes on brick-and-mortar locations. Euclid EventIQ, meet world–a rapidly changing retail environment where the ability to harness data is the key to differentiation.   Euclid EventIQ joins our Euclid Advanced line-up as a tool to visualize and assess in-store activities. […]

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Are you missing the signs in your store?

Most brick-and-mortar businesses across retail, quick-service restaurants and malls have tracked customer behavior for years—and they’ve done so across a variety of in-store technologies.   But in an omnichannel world, traditional retail technology leaves a number of unanswered questions: Door counters tell how many people came in and when, but don’t provide information about how long […]

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The Single Number Mall Operators Need for Leasing Decisions

By Ryan Irish | Best Practices | 14 June, 2015

In the physical world, retailers and mall operators have historically relied upon their instincts to make decisions, as physical world data has not been readily available. Euclid has been able to bridge this gap by leveraging the proliferation of smartphones and the ubiquity of Wi-Fi to provide retailers and mall operators with analytics around how […]

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