Euclid’s Day of Service at the SF-Marin Food Bank

Euclid’s Day of Service at the SF-Marin Food Bank

By Euclid | Day of Service | 04 April, 2015
Euclid employees packing boxes of carrots for the SF-Marin Food Bank.

This past week, 25 Euclid’s local San Francisco employees volunteered half of their day to the SF-Marin Food Bank. Putting aside conference calls, sales presentations and code writing for a few hours was time well spent for the team.

Walking into the warehouse, our employees were struck by the sheer size and scale of the SF-Marin Food Bank operation. The many of “Costco-style” aisles are brimming with canned goods, fresh fruits and vegetables, and dry goods. One employee commented that the warehouse resembled the “ of food.” Indeed. The warehouse size is a visual manifestation of the food bank’s impact across the local community, while highlighting the massive scope of the huger problem in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Today, in San Francisco and Marin, 1 in 4 residents is unable to afford all the food they need.

Our task was simple, but important. First, we unpacked several hundred pounds of carrots and transferred into smaller boxes for distribution. Later, we fine-tuned these skills as we meticulously packed several hundred one-pound bags of rice for distribution.

Upon finishing for the day, we took stock of our work and its impact. We didn’t have long to admire our handiwork though. Delivery trucks are constantly passing though the loading dock to distribute food to local area residents through a network of over 450 partners. As such, our boxes of carrots and rice were rapidly out the door. For the employees, seeing the trucks depart with our boxes helped everyone appreciate the immediate impact of our work.

We are proud to announce our ongoing partnership with the SF-Marin Food Bank. Our employees were so inspired after this week’s volunteering effort, that we plan to make the Euclid Day of Service at the SF-Marin Food Bank an ongoing quarterly event. The hunger problem is big – and real – in SanFrancisco. Every day the SF-Marin Food bank distributes enough food for 107,000 meals — representing more than 46 million pounds this year. Over time, we hope that our quarterly Day of Service at the SF-Marin Food Bank will help take a bite out of hunger for those in need.