Import Sales and Traffic Data to Euclid’s Dashboard

Import Sales and Traffic Data to Euclid’s Dashboard

By Alexander Reichert, Insights | Product | 11 July, 2014

At Euclid, we’re focused on helping brick and mortar retail get smarter and make better data-driven decisions for every location. With the Import Data feature in Euclid Express, it’s now easier to get a clearer picture on sales performance and how customer behavior is influencing sales. Import your sales and traffic data to Euclid’s dashboard, and create custom dashboards and reports to monitor visitor activity and sales performance.



  • Get the complete picture with traffic, visitor metrics and sales data in one integrated dashboard.
  • Find trends and get the most benefit from our fast and dynamic reporting tools.
  • It’s easy! Simply download our template and copy over your existing data to monitor the essentials behind your store performance.


Getting Started

View sales and traffic data next to visitor activity for all locations in Euclid’s Customizable Dashboards and Custom Reports. Take full advantage of our flexible reporting with three quick steps:

  • Download the provided csv template
  • Copy over data from existing spreadsheets:
    • Sales Revenue
    • Transactions
    • Units Sold
    • Traffic
  • Upload and get started by adding widgets to your dashboards


Looking to automate the import process? No problem. Simply submit a support ticket and we’ll get you set-up with automated imports to make reporting even more seamless.



  • Connect the dots on how well your efforts to attract, engage and retain customers influence sales.
  • Create better sales forecasts with quick and easy views of location performance.
  • Monitor the outcomes and attribute ROI to marketing and operations initiatives.


Get Going Today

If you’re an existing customer, start importing your data today! If you haven’t activated Euclid Express yet, get smarter now at no cost.

Alexander Reichert, Insights

Alexander Reichert, Insights

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