Announcing The Euclid Reseller Program

Announcing The Euclid Reseller Program

Officially launching the Euclid Reseller Program with GDT, Tekmark, Zen Systems, Pixsell(WowTV), Digital Inn, Jade Solutions, WiFi Profs, NAS Wireless, 2Brains, Frontera, Retail IN, Inlink Mobile PTY, MAC Telemetry, Lexel Systems Ltd.

As more brick and mortar businesses recognize the growing need for data-driven decisions, thousands of locations have already turned to Euclid to make data-driven decisions around marketing, operations, and strategy. To keep up growing demand in retail and beyond, Euclid’s Reseller Program fills the gap for Wi-Fi resellers to distribute and offer Euclid’s services, creating strong joint value propositions for customers.

Any company that signs up for the Reseller Program will have the opportunity to distribute Euclid Express, which feature standard metrics around visitor behavior. Select certified participants receive:

  • Ability to upsell and earn margin on premium features and analytics services
  • Full Euclid Express access to demo accounts, test labs and customer settings with:
    • All essential visitor metrics around visit trends, duration and repeats
    • Real time visibility of essential visitor analytics
    • Quick trend analysis for easy A/B campaign and marketing testing
  • Exclusive data access set-up through exports and Euclid’s API
  • Early visibility into advanced applications development
  • Training, services, joint marketing and other opportunities

Learn more and submit an application at: Join us in enabling smarter locations today.

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If you are a re-seller of one of these providers, join the program today!

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Alexander Reichert, Insights

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