This should be easy! Making Mobile Location Analytics valuable right away.

This should be easy! Making Mobile Location Analytics valuable right away.

By eucliduser | Customer Success | 22 April, 2014

Mobile Location Analytics offer a vast and interesting data set, but determining how to begin utilizing this data can be extremely overwhelming. With physical stores remaining the top revenue generators for brands, it is important to take advantage of the benefits of Mobile Locations Analytics while adding the least amount of pain for your management team. Below are a few easy ways to see how implementing Mobile Location Analytics can cause a positive impact on your bottom line:

    • Marketing – Although Marketing encompasses many different things, installing Euclid to determine baseline customer loyalty, shopping patterns, and overall customer behavior allows you to begin analyzing when deviations occur. Ideally, these deviations will be greater than average, helping you tie marketing initiatives to great in-store engagement.


    • Cross Shopping – Today, it is difficult to determine who is shopping at multiple locations throughout your chain. Euclid makes visibility into cross shopping ¬†easy, and helps you determine whether or not geographically close locations are cannibalizing sales from each other. Additionally, gaining visibility into customer loyalty across the whole chain helps determine new customer segments and patterns.


    • Dwell time – ¬†Gaining a more accurate picture into your staff-to-customer ratio allows your chain to optimize for conversion, improve the customer experience, and maintain consistent service levels throughout sparse and busy times. By understanding the total amount of shop time spent per customer, per hour, per store, you can hone your staffing schedule and minimize any customer bounce due to understaffing.


By installing Euclid and starting with these three areas, you can begin to see the power of Mobile Location Analytics and how it can help your business in a concrete way. Euclid Express is free to implement on your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure, and signing up today will get you on the path to beating the competition, implementing analytics solutions that drive business results, and aligning business goals with cutting-edge technological development.