Euclid Express – Visitor Analytics for All Locations. Now Free.

Euclid Express – Visitor Analytics for All Locations. Now Free.

By Alexander Reichert, Insights | Product | 27 January, 2014

UPDATE: Since this post was written, some things have changed! Check out the product page on Euclid Starter, our new free product for visitor analytics to learn more.


The Problem

At Euclid, our mission is to empower brick and mortar locations with actionable insights and enable smarter decision-making in stores. In the online world, every e-commerce site knows: How many people visit? How long do they stay? and How often do they return? This constant feedback loop and data-driven business practice has been the keystone of e-commerce’s success. Four years ago, Euclid leveled the playing field and invented the proprietary Wi-Fi based technology to make these same insights easily available for brick and mortar locations.


Our Solution

We’re now going a step further and opening access to Euclid’s analytics to all retail locations for free. On January 9th, we launched EUCLID EXPRESS, the first full analytics solution available for free across all brick and mortar locations. Now, any store whether it’s a specialty retail, QSR & coffee, big box, mall or other location can get quick answers to their fundamental business questions around: Am I bringing customers into stores, are they engaged and are they coming back?



Our Euclid Express analytics dashboard is available to any retailer whether you are an SMB with one location or large enterprise with 1,000s of locations. Simply sign-up on our website and activate with your infrastructure of choice. Euclid has partnered with the leading Wi-Fi access point vendors to embed our capabilities on existing hardware, and also offers easy plug-and-play sensors that simply require power and connectivity.


Product Features

Real-time Visibility
See device collection data in real-time as shoppers enter and walk around your stores. The dashboard updates every 10 seconds and gives full visibility upon day 1 of activation with hourly and daily summaries.
Essential Customer Analytics
Gain insight on customer behavior in and around your locations. View visit trends, customer duration, and repeat behavior at every location on a daily basis and compare week over week trends. Metrics displayed include:
  • Visit trends: Outside Opportunity, Visits, Storefront Conversion
  • Duration: Visit duration, Engagement, Bounce
  • Repeat behavior: New vs. Repeat visits, Recency
Trend Analysis
Select any two locations and compare performance on a daily, weekly or monthly basis from day one of activation. Compare any metrics across any locations.
Share and Download
Get unlimited access for any number of dashboard logins. As a preview to our Advanced solution, Express also offers a basic export of visit trend data.
Online Support and Resources
Sign up for Express and get access to Euclid’s Knowledge Base, which provides all the activation guides, product information and FAQs, and support you need to get started. Signing up also subscribes you to our monthly newsletters which offer the latest whitepapers, customer case studies and “how tos” on utilizing offline customer analytics to drive your business.



In an era of increased e-commerce, brick and mortar stores must do more to maximize customer retention, length of stay and spending. Euclid Express provides the easiest way to get a fast feedback loop on these initiatives, showcasing data essential to measuring marketing campaigns, optimizing store performance, and understanding customer engagement and repeat behavior. We’re excited to offer our basic solution for free on an unlimited basis, and also provide an easy upgrade path to our Advanced packaged business solutions around marketing, store operations and loyalty. Euclid Express stores the full data history for Euclid Advanced, and is the first step towards building smarter brick and mortar practices and improving customer experiences.

Learn more about Euclid Express by watching the webinar and get started today!

Alexander Reichert, Insights

Alexander Reichert, Insights

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