Meet the redesigned Euclid Analytics

Meet the redesigned Euclid Analytics

By Alexander Reichert, Insights | Product | 24 July, 2013
We’re fired up to announce the latest release of Euclid Analytics, code-named “Rhombus.” We’ve tapped the power of our data network to provide enhanced views of your brand, stores and customers. And we’ve wrapped it all up in a beautiful new interface.

Euclid Analytics gives you eyes into key areas of your business that are a struggle to measure today:

  • What’s my total shopper opportunity?
  • Are my storefronts effective in capturing this opportunity?
  • Are shoppers engaged once they enter the store?
  • Do they keep coming back throughout the year?

Answering these questions starts with Euclid’s Performance Metrics, which have been redesigned from the ground up. By tracking Euclid’s Opportunity, Acquisition, Engagement, and Loyalty KPIs next to your existing Sales KPIs, you get the complete picture of how your brand and stores are performing week in and week out. And with Euclid’s exclusive Industry Benchmarks, specialty retailers can see how they’re performing compared to their peers.

KPIs are just the beginning. With our easy-to-use Advanced Insights, even non-technical users can answer questions like:

  • How quickly do my top customers return to the store?
  • When should I re-engage lapsed customers ?
  • How is my new window display performing versus past displays?
  • Do shoppers at my mainline stores also visit my outlets?
  • How busy is it outside my stores at every hour of the day?

Euclid’s reports – including your Weekly Performance Summary, Shopper Funnel Report, and Industry Benchmark Report – are automatically sent to your inbox and accessible anytime from your dashboard. You can also get a data feed of your Euclid data to drop into your existing BI tools.

Looking for more? Every month, we’ll be releasing new Performance Metrics and Advanced Insights to support your business. The expert analysts on our Insights team are also available to help you answer your toughest challenges.

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Posted by George Kwon, Director of Product

Alexander Reichert, Insights

Alexander Reichert, Insights

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