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Euclid helps restaurant chain measure ROI on customer loyalty

A small quick service restaurant chain wanted an in-depth view of their customer loyalty. Having access to detailed metrics for visit frequency and recency was critical for assessing the company’s overall health. Being a very tech-savvy company with a convenient online ordering process, they were intrigued to learn about Euclid’s innovative approach to measuring guest […]

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Euclid helps large multi-national retailer segment customers to determine value of promotions

Despite having a wide array of tools and systems for optimizing in store staffing, merchandising, and inventory management, this large multinational retailer did not have the ability to determine which segments of their customer base were the most loyal and valuable. After learning about the data available through Euclid, the store operations team decided to […]

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Euclid helps quick service restaurant chain increase breakfast revenues

A quick service restaurant chain that offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner wanted to maximize profit by increasing their number of breakfast customers. As breakfast meals had the highest margins, they were interested in using Euclid data to determine if there was an opportunity to attract existing customers who always came for lunch or dinner and […]

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We’re Live with Aerohive!

By Alexander Reichert, Insights | Partners | 10 July, 2013

Once upon a time, measuring in-store activity was cumbersome and expensive, with lots of cameras, cables, and boxes to install. Today, retailers can get answers and insights about their shopping experience without installing anything at all. With Euclid Analytics, your existing in-store Wi-Fi hardware is all you need to start measuring your stores’ opportunity, engagement, […]

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