Strengthen marketing with visitor data.

Omnichannel Attribution

Understand store influence on online purchase.

In-store Acquisition

Expand your marketable audience.

Behavioral Targeting

Retarget visitors who don’t buy.

“We had already rolled out a Wi-Fi network across our stores, and Euclid drove millions of opt-ins and boosted revenue through expanded CRM and adtech use cases.”

Steve Miller
SVP, Marketing and eCommerce
Joann Fabric and Craft Stores

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Complete the customer view with visit behavior.

Easily ingest Euclid data into your existing stack.

Get more from your existing Wi‑Fi infrastructure.

WiFi Manufacturers

We take privacy and security very seriously.

Privacy Matters

Euclid has invested heavily in industry-leading privacy practices alongside Senator Chuck Schumer and the Future of Privacy Forum. In addition to being GDPR compliant, Euclid is a founding signatory of the MLA Code of Conduct.

Data Security & Ownership

Keep your data in your ecosystem. Euclid ensures that any data you collect, you own. In helping you build your customer data asset, Euclid ensures that valuable customer data is securely stored - no matter where it ultimately lives.

Consumer Transparency

Euclid values trust and transparency with its clients and their visitors. Euclid’s Wi‑Fi product is based on affirmative consent, which is defined as checking an “accept” box that is situated alongside consent language - a straightforward option for consumers.

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